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propagation trend
Physically connected callsigns to IQ8DO
Callsign Type Started Name Avg RTT
IQ8DO-6 NODE DXSP 13-Mar-2024 1902Z ARI CASER T
IU8FRF USER EXT 22-Jun-2024 0742Z ANGELO
IZ0CGV USER EXT 22-Jun-2024 1100Z
IZ8GNR USER EXT 22-Jun-2024 1127Z
SK0MMR RBN EXT 11-Jun-2024 0616Z
SK1MMR RBN EXT 2-Apr-2024 1641Z
SM7IUN-1 NODE DXSP 5-Jun-2024 1845Z 0.03
SV5FRI-1 NODE DXSP 21-Jun-2024 0238Z 0.05
WB3FFV-2 NODE DXSP 13-May-2024 0617Z 0.88